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At South Lee ETNS, Music is a very important part of our curriculum. Each week Dr.Jessie Cawley comes to teach music lessons as part of the Creative Traditions organisation. Jessie is an educator and scholar in the fields of music education and Irish traditional music. She is currently applying her PhD research into school and community settings in partnership with Music Generation Cork City. Since 2013, she has established and coordinated Creative Tradition, an organization that leads various education programmes. Educated in both the United States and Ireland, Dr. Cawley has a diverse background in performance, ethnomusicology, and music education, and embodies a passion for traditional, classical, jazz and popular music.Musical performance plays a significant role in her music life, including her research and teaching practice

Creative Traditions aims to provide young people with creative music-making opportunities, and a broad introduction and appreciation of Irish traditional music. The programme emphasizes non-formal learning of traditional instruments and singing, as well as composing and musical arrangments.

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